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Over 1,700 icons in any color. Instantly

Icon Cast is designed for your flow. Super fast search, all icons available offline and keyboard shortcuts save valuable seconds. You will get an icon you need in just a eye blink. Faster then your browser loads a web page. You switch to Icon Cast, find what you need, press ⌘D, switch back and paste the icon where you need it. Icon Cast keeps you in the flow. No interruptions. Keep doing your UI prototype, presentation or document. Never hunt for icons ever again.

Friendly License

Royalty Free. Free Upgrades. Forever

You can use all icons for both your commercial and non-commercial products. All icons are royalty-free and you can use them in any number of your products. You will get free upgrades of Icon Cast with new icons and features. Forever.

See complete Legal information. If you are not sure of how license would work for your case just ask us.

From 16 pixels to vector

From toolbar buttons to fine print

Whether you need a small icon for a toolbar button or a large icon for fine printed manual Icon Cast will deliver. Of course, retina displays are the best place for higher resolution icons. For print or super large icons Icon Cast has vector icons in SVG.

Small icons at 16 pixels are crafted pixel-by-pixel to be sharp and readable. Even on the small area they tell their story. Straight lines fit nicely in the grid and never get blurred nor anti-aliased.

Colors in Icon Cast

From pure black to wild color combinations

Whether you need to match a brand colors or you need colors to indicate a state Icon Cast gets you covered. You can choose decent one colored icons. You can also use secondary color to have softer look or use up to two brand colors.

We help our users

We help our users

We listen to you. We regularly add new icons that you ask us for. You do not have create a missing icons yourself nor ask a graphic designer. You can ask us and you will get an icon directly in Icon Cast. Further more - all other users will get the icon as well. You can contact us anytime directly from Icon Cast or via contact form on this web.

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