Frequently Asked Questions

We try to respond to the most common questions we receive he. We hope they will help you.

What can I do with the icons?

We have tried to give you as much freedom as we possibly could. All icons are royalty free. Once you buy Icon Cast you can use them in any number of your or your company's products, services, web pages, digital or printed documents.

You can:

  • use the icons for both non-commercial and commercial purposes
  • use the icons in digital and printed media related to your products and services
  • modify the icons any way you need

You cannot:

  • resell or lease any of the icons nor they parts neither original nor modified
  • use them to create application, product or service competing with Icon Cast either directly or indirectly

If you use the icons to design a 3rd party product, service, web page, digital or printed document and the 3rd party uses the icons make sure that the 3rd party also owns license to the icons. Either that they have purchased Icon Cast or licensed the icons from us directly.

If you are into more detailed legal license statements you can read Legal Info . Or you can ask us directly to be absolutely sure

Will new icons and updates be free?

Updates and new icons will be free. Forever. We want you to pay once and never again be faced with buy/don't buy decision.

We add icons with every new release and you can ask us using this form to add any icons you need. We will add them for free.

You can check our release notes for individual versions.

How to ask fo a new feature?

Contact us using this form and describe what would you like to have in future releases. We will have a look what we can do about it.

How to ask for a new icon?

Contact us using this form. We will add the icon to Icon Cast.

What are the icons suitable for?

We have designed icons to be simple, readable and clear. They should be suitable for buttons and status indicators for any desktop or mobile platform.

The icons are not suitable from logos and branding in general. If you are looking for a logo make sure you choose a good visual graphics designer that creates an original logo just for you. Logo should differentiate you.

Any plans to have different style of icons?

Not in the immediate future. We believe that providing one single style with a rich selection of icons brings more value to our users. Feel free to disagree and let us know.

Any plans for Icon Cast on more platforms?

We would love to. We are exploring the options right now. Unfortunately we know nothing more specific at the moment. Our blog is the best place to watch for updates.

I really like your application. How should I let you know?

OK. OK. We sneaked that question in :). Anyway we will be glad to hear any of your feedback whether positive or negative. Share your thoughts with us using our web form or using email

What if my question is not in FAQ?

Then ask us directly using our web form or using email

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